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Senior Contributor

see whate I mean

take a look Ishmael, you are being very over protective of the left wing politicians and open range for anyone to call the President

any name they wish.  YOUR po0licy sucks, you don't get to ban me this time, I wont provide the humor necessary for this dull

opinionated site and moderation.


NO, the door didn't hit me on the way out.

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Senior Advisor

Re: see whate I mean

I see what you mean. Ismael lets morondon stand but takes down what you called Obama. Ismael is in over her head. Sad.

Senior Contributor

Re: see whate I mean

Corey Lewandowski says ... " womp womp".


Mel says " I really don't care , do you "

Senior Contributor

Re: see whate I mean

How are we supposed to be PC here when our president is called a MF.and the biggest concern the left has is what is served for dinner for a football team? How do you get past the insanity?

Senior Contributor

Re: see what I mean

Hang in there guys. My brother promised to help us out with a new place. Send me a PM, and I will let you know how to get there.