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Re: Wait, who signed the peace treaty with the Taliban?

Oh wait, that was trump!  Remember?

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Re: senator joebiden and Afghanistan

Toasting al Qaeda was right, staying there and trying to build a country was a mistake.

Re: Wait, who signed the peace treaty with the Taliban?

When will people come to realize you can’t negotiate peace with terrorists? Stupidest thing I’ve ever heard 

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Re: senator joebiden and Afghanistan

Our Peaceniks doin' a flip-flop?

I would have stayed rather than abandoning allies- as we did with the Kurds, with much less to gain from it.

But we would be there another 50 years, without winning.

Yes, should have pulled out in 2002, and not invaded Iraq.

Al Queada was behind the bombings of the Cole and US embassies in Africa- something we weren't going to tolerate.


Haven’t been looking but on cue

Had to be a given that in due time Chamberlain would come up.

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Re: senator joebiden and Afghanistan

Sorry RS, but no sale.

There are multiple guilty players in this mess and seven months with Joe Biden’s wandering incompetence does not even begin to assign the blame for the slow motion dumpster fire that is Afghanistan today.

Nevertheless, I predict that no present or former administration official will ever be brought to book for their utter incompetence in assessing Afghanistan or its people’s willingness to accept modernity. No one will pay for their professional greed, stupidity, or just ordinary cowardice in assessing the hopelessness of Afghanistan.

Likewise for the parade of Pentagon generals and admirals who spent years spinning false Afghani stories of hope and opportunity in the face of genuine cultural intransigence. None will ever be court martialed, much less lose their current board of director’s seats with General Dynamics, Boeing, or Raytheon.

Let’s also not forget our vaunted intelligence operatives at the CIA, FBI, DIA, and NSA. They are the same ones who used their multi-billion dollar/year budgets to confirm what the White House and congress all so desperately wanted to hear, regardless of what was actually occurring on the ground. Every one of those nitwits will walk.

Finally, we need to note the role of our very own state department with its cabal of naive, Ivy League educated rubes. As our on the ground foreign officers, our ambassadors, and our national security advisor conduits, they were every bit a part of this two decade long intelligence assessment scr*w up. They will all carry on as if nothing happened.

Say this for Ronald Reagan after the Marine Barracks was blown up in late October of 1983, at least the Gipper knew when to declare victory and just bring the troops home. In Reagan’s case, it only took months and not decades to grasp the meaning of an endless war. Not so for Afghanistan.


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Re: senator joebiden and Afghanistan

Always curious to me that even though Trump rolled the Kurds (much Turkish, Russian influence in the sphere) and badly wanted to be able to show an end to Afghanistan as a foreign policy achievement, he didn’t go Mano a Mano with the generals to make it happen (because he’s a pu$$y).

Fat lotta good that did him.

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Re: senator joebiden and Afghanistan

Packard, these two from leftist CNN, one from right central Pat Buchanan, both address those issues if you read them.

senator joebiden's failure is one of leadership and timing. Pulling out on 9-11-21 is something a total azzwipe would implement and do, and think was smart.

Like Trump said, no one is ever going to accuse the senator of being smart.

Re: senator joebiden and Afghanistan

Thanks. Yeah. War is a big business. But nothing like the star maker that it can be.


And the eternal futility:


It is a cliché now, to the extent useful historical context can be characterized as such, to note that the interventions of foreign powers in Afghanistan are typically difficult and more often than not end badly for the invaders. The litany of those who came and went, who grappled with the reality of a largely poor, fragmented tribal society, difficult physical terrain and an ebbing will to pay the price Afghanistan demands of its visitors, is strikingly long. It includes the Persians, the Greeks, Arabs, Mongols, Mughals, Sikhs, the British, the Soviets and to what will be the enduring discredit of America’s leaders, us.