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Senior Contributor

send them home,

The left drools at the prospect of more power from illegals becoming citizens.  They ignore the reality that more welfare recipients ultimately means less welfare available for them.  They ignore the reality of restricted lives as incoming illegals have ideals and religions not compatible with traditional American values.  The liberal life style of no morals, no responsibility will be a target as those from the middle east invade neighborhoods.  And those from our southern border will demand the lions share of welfare and affirmative action, shutting out the traditional African Americans. 

The US will ultimately become another chaotic, segmented third world nation. 


To those that say we can't afford to send them back, consider the cost of keeping them here. Both from the above social implications and the below financial implications.


"According to data, New York spent $19,076 per student in the 2011 fiscal year."  That number can be found by searching with Google, it's real.

"A federal judge lifted that decree in 2009 — a change some say paved the way for reduced staffing in the language and culture office, fewer compliance visits to schools and a subsequent lack of accountability for the district's growing number of English learners. Today there are 66,000 students working to learn English — the majority speak Spanish as their first language."

If you multiply 66,000 times 19,076 (which is 4 years old and now probably about 21,000) you get a cost of $1,259,016,000 or one and 1/4 billion for just one year in just one state.  And that doesn't even begin to address free lunches, health care and their parents on welfare.