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that "pretty good judge" will be required to follow MN state sentencing guidelines so he'll have limited discretion in the matter.

I'm not generally in favor of super long sentences but that is equally true for common street criminals- with the probably vain hope that some reasonable attempt would be made to rehabilitate them and reintegrate them back into society.

As far as appeal goes, the verdict would have been appealed regardless of what Maxine Waters said, or whatever, and the timeline would be the same- "they'll just tie it up forever" is BS. Most objective legal analysts think there is little that can be claimed as possible reversible error on the part of the judge.

Even if everybody Just Knew otherwise a few hours after.

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Re: sentencing

What the defense tries to claim does not matter.

The Judge instructed the jury on the point of law.

"The fact that other causes contributed to death does not relieve the defendant of criminal liability.”