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Esteemed Advisor

shock collar?


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Esteemed Advisor

Re: shock collar?

VP debate a week from tomorrow.

The Columbus Deadbeat has gotten awfully good at just bulldozing anybody who interviews him.

New rules should apply there as well.

Although I think Kammy can take care of herself.

Pneumatic lifts?

This comment a from a news article that the president Commission on Presidential Debates is meeting to talk about changes:

“I’d like to see them employ pneumatic lifts.

Each time a candidate interrupted, or spoke beyond their time limit, the square of floor on which they stood would lower an inch.

Trump eventually would disappear behind his own podium.

If he persisted, he’d be just a head sticking out of the floor.

In the end, he’d be only a faint, indecipherable scream wafting up from below the stage.”

Veteran Advisor

Re: shock collar?

That’s really funny, because that’s what I thought of too.   And - they don’t even have to be invented - just get one for a big dog and put it around both candidates necks.   That talk out of turn - ZAP!!!!!!

The other thing I though of, was a sound proof booth for each candidate.   Trump could have a bar that he could lean on.    When it’s not their turn to speak, the mic in their booth would be turned off.  Then, you could still see someone like Trump getting red and yelling, but it wouldn’t interfere with Biden’s remarks.  They could also be bullet proof.   Just saying.... 

Republicans can’t win an election, without lying.....