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simple survey, would you put me in prison?

Let's say today I have a pistol that has a 10 round magazine.  Let's say it's a .22 target pistol and only is available in that configuration.  Let's say it's been made that way since 1949 and has been sold to millions of people across the USA.

Let's further state that it's not very concealable and not known as a weapon of choice for crime. Neither of which is really pertinent.


Finally let's point out that its been a completely legal device all those years. (70) (ignoring the 2nd Amendment)


Now if a law is passed that makes owning that .22 caliber target pistol illegal and the law makes it a felony with a 10 year minimum sentence for owning or possessing said target pistol, would you be in support of incarcerating me for having such a pistol?


Please don't use the trite "it's the law" excuse for an answer.  Many laws have been broken without any repercussions and many have been overturned in the courts and by jury nullification. It's a question of what are your morals.  


This is a simple question, are you willing to incarcerate people who've NEVER broken the law(excluding traffic or unknowingly) for the possessing something that's owned by millions and been legal for  70 years?  Are you willing to incarcerate people that do things you don't like?  People that have never harmed you and never will.

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Re: simple survey, would you put me in prison?

What’s your point?
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Re: simple survey, would you put me in prison?

Here are a couple of points.


First, a reasonable and caring person wouldn't put a friend or neighbor in prison for having something that has been historically legal, acceptable and common for decades.


Second, if they would then they are likely to do that for any law that gets enacted by the extremest who have been elected recently, i.e. (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez , Rashida Tlaib,Eric Swalwell) among others.



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Re: simple survey, would you put me in prison?

The point is Schurrbart, Democrats will eventually take your guns, one way or another and if you resist you`ll end up in jail or dead. Vote Republican!