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skinny repeal

a.k.a, PenceCare is really going to hammer you guys who depend on the exchanges since it eliminates the mandate which means that healthy people will just opt out and then get back in if they get sick.


Blaming it all on Obama will work with most of the affected demo but not all, I'd imagine.


Actually know a guy who decided not to renew his insurance this year. He's divorced, covering himself only, and was pretty sure that El Donaldo was going to deliver relief soon so he decided to risk it.


He actually uses some medicine for a non-life threatening chronic condition and used to get a generic version of his prescription for $4 month. He went to buy it without a card and the price was $189. Of course he wouldn't admit that he'd screwed up so he's just madder than ever at the system, which I have to agree is screwed up- and being made worse.


I told him he could probably by some online from China and it might even come with a fentanyl sample.


BTW, he actually believed that there would be some serious policy consideration in the matter that would improve his circumstances. It doesn't pay to be rational.

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Re: skinny repeal

a couple of options for your friend.......first look at rxoutreach........if its a generic might be better there.  second, look at goodrx...they shop

around to find the best price.


there are options