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Re: smarmy blubberbutt

(Allred trying to blame trump and pompeo instead of the actual culprits biden & blinken)

Best response below tweet - Why did allred not express this question & concerns to blinken whom actually did what allred was referring to?

Probably should have kept this 2017 questioning in the vault.

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Re: smarmy blubberbutt

Buttwipe and Lord Llyod Austin XVII were the one`s that pulled out the MILITARY FIRST.   Look, if Buttwipe is trying to spin this disaster as "I wuz jus doin` wha Truuuuump started"  Bull crap!  Buttwipe reversed course on Trump`s policy on the border and now there`s a disaster down there, Buttwipes has no qualms on reversing any and everything Trump did. 

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smarmy scum bag blame shifter

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Re: smarmy scum bag blame shifter

joseph r.biden, jr is a pathetic loser that was installed by ballot stuffing.

until he is purged from the records, there will be no stability in America.

the creep is a serial pervert, a serial liar, and a plagiarizer to boot.

plus, did I say that he is a total moron?

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Re: smarmy scum bag blame shifter

[ Photo ]
In 2013, Hunter Biden, received a 10% equity stake in a cross border investment platform established in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone with $1.5 billion primarily from the Bank of China.

Bohai Harvest utilized key historical relationships with China's State-Owned Enterprises to form strategic investment partnerships with Chinese industry leaders in; manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, technology, consumer goods, energy, and natural resources.

Including a technology company accused of assisting in human rights abuses against the Uyghurs and a nuclear company that conspired to acquire U.S. nuclear technology to benefit China’s military.

In August 2021, Hunter Biden still holds a 10% equity stake in Bohai Harvest RST Shanghai Equity Investment Fund with the Bank of China as its primary stakeholder.

Hunter told his daughter Naomi in a private text message, "Unlike pop, I won't make you give me half your salary."

It's not that complicated - Joe Biden and Hunter Biden - work for the Bank of China.


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Re: smarmy scum bag blame shifter


But what did you think about what the smarmy blubberbutt said?

Re: smarmy scum bag blame shifter

And here I thought this was going to be about Tony Blair.

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Re: smarmy scum bag blame shifter

Completely disproves the conspiracy theory his followers are cult members.