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Esteemed Advisor

Re: smarmy scum bag blame shifter

Nobody but Talibaners cares in the least what Matt Vespa thinks.

Esteemed Advisor

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Joe is an angry old man who does not like to be questioned. Part of that is due to his arrogance which is inherent in all liberals. The second is the frustration that comes from diminished mental capacity. All of that is evident with this Afghanistan retreat. It’s a disaster. Even CNN cannot protect him, noting that conditions on the ground point to a US plan that was not really a plan at all. Failure is written all over with this withdrawal. The man who said he was going to bring back diplomacy and competence is not showing that here. And his addresses have been ripped to shreds by the entire media establishment. Even the liberal media who has treated this administration with kid gloves cannot polish his words for him. They’re simply not in keeping with reality.