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Senior Contributor

Re: how is that koolaide tasting now rickster?

It further confirms everything said about smartmatic being of Venezuelan origin and smartmatic and dominion sharing basic software components.  

bruce MN

Re: how is that koolaide tasting now rickster?

In 2010 and nobody thought to use it in all of those GOP run Reagan/Bush/Bush districts and States that Barack Obama swept through in 2012?

Dominion should open their books, offer up the tallies they came up with for hand recounts and stand back and allow a full forensic audit so the authorities can get to the bottom of all of this.


Oh. Wait.  They have. Confidently to the point that they are suing a number of media outlets and figures for defamation. I’d suppose how the company came to it’s present status will come up.


Senior Advisor

Re: how is that koolaide tasting now rickster?

The ES & S tabulations, particularly in states where vulnerable Sen. candidates cruised and Dennison won fairly handily, look a little more anomalous.

Although he/they also ran ahead of polling almost everywhere, so I'm not convinced there's anything there.

GA would probably be the only key state that more or less performed in line with polls*. But it has also been gone over with a fine tooth comb.

*Even the very red states where he won big but often a bit under '16. But the polls also tended to show them a tad closer than they turned out.