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Re: I think that you are right....after a fashion....

Wow, Australia is a dictatorship, GB too, didn't know.
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Re: I think that you are right....after a fashion....

@bruce MN wrote:

Actually, the little by little...or John's "camel's nose" thing does come into play.


But not in the big "end of our guns" scheme as most on the gun right accuse, but rather in how it shapes a few more people each time something big and awful like Newtown comes big and awful things like Newtown have for a long, long time and will continue to at some unknown rate of occurence.


Speaking of Newton, why is it being used as the 'driver' to promote a ban of 'assault style' weapons, when one was not involved in the shooting, according to NBC news?



What it won't do is create outlawing of or confiscation of guns like is said to have happened in dictatorship run regimes. What it will do is move a  very considerable number of modest people away from general extremist ideaology each and every time there is a bump.  The proverbial soccer Moms, for starters. 

But it follows the pattern they are describing.   Go after the 'scary' guns that 'no one needs to own' first, and when gun crime doesn't go down, keep on going down the list. 



Again, follow the rhetoric.   Just like a certain Presidential candidate said when he was running for re-election, about taxes.   I can't remember the exact words, but it went something like 'No one that makes under $250,000 a year will see their taxes increase, not one dime' or something of that fashion.  Talking heads were saying things like 'see, your taxes won't go up, unless you make $250K or more a year, can't you understand that?'

The election was barely over, and the figure dropped to $200K

He was sworn in just this week, and already there are calls for tax increases to people making far less.


I'm still willing to bet anyone here a six pack of Mountain Dew, that by the end of this next term, taxes will go up on the majority of people who pay taxes.  I can feel confident saying that, just by the direction the rhetoric is taking.  Taking back the promises, little by little.



gough whitlam
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Re: so imagine this

Isn't Mom a gem.  It must be so embarrasing for you guys to have to take such cutting stick  from her. She is so right.


and of course

It won't apply to our lords. 2 sets of laws.




Mrs. Feinstein's measure would exempt........... and weapons used by government officials, law enforcement and retired law enforcement personnel.

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Re: so imagine this



LOL Craigo and his special friend VanderPlotts are still in shock that they werent able to fool the people of Iowa.


Dry Powder, tends to get wet....eventually.