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Senior Advisor

so is this fer real?

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bruce MN

Re: so is this fer real?

That’s absolutely hilarious. 

Until you remember the images and it sorta tampers it:

Senior Advisor

Re: so is this fer real?

I recall being in Jr. High School, and admittedly just repeating the opinions of my Father.

But the current events discussion came to that and I said that US soldiers had to be held to account if that was true. Apparently most everybody else had heard that Our Troops are justified in anything they do* so I didn't turn out to be popular that day.

A Real victim- the guy who was outside the heat of the moment, flying in on a scout chopper and saw what was going on with fresh eyes. A Real Victim.

*might be some more nuance there in terms of acknowledging that they were just conscripts impressed into that thing.