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Senior Advisor

so much for this suburban mom

forgive me for being a little gleeful these days, but since slow joe painted himself into a corner by saying he was going with an affirmative action choice for the VP slot, I kind of figured it would end up like this. He made a disastrous choice that will probably lead to a landslide re-election of Trump and Pence.

Just think about the voters on the fence...not the hard core 30 percent Angry Klobuchar or a blue eyed Indian such as Liz Warren probably pulls them in....not a perfect fit for them, but someone that they could see themselves having coffee with (Klobuchar made a name for herself by hitting all the coffee shops and Ladies Aide meetings she could).

With the mattress lady, not many will identify with. She really isn't black, as you can't cross an ethnic Indian with a Jamaican and get an America black despite what slow Joe's handlers may have told him. She attacked Joe worse than Trump or Pence probably will, and she has a checkered past when it comes to respecting marital bounds.

I fail to see any votes that heelsup brings to the table that were not already solidly there, and can see a lot of votes on the margin that are now votes for Trump to keep in his tent, and possibly expand. Especially as it becomes apparent that the Trump approach, letting the covid virus run it's course here in America as it has in Sweden, was the right approach, and the places and states that went with that are a leg up on the rest of the USA.

All in all, a pretty good couple of weeks for the good guys, and looking at a few select polls on job performance, Trump has to be smiling.