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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: you first

Sam, just remember that some pigs are always going to be more equal than others.

Re: socialism anyone?

It would probably be less traumatic for them in any number of ways  than it would be for someone of notable grand legacy out of  prominent local gentry. 


I doubt that don has much of anything  named after him.

Senior Advisor

Re: socialism anyone?

Actually, I have a daughter and two grand daughters named after me and then there is the cheese company!



Re: socialism anyone?

Donna, Donita and Donella?


Love (shouldn't) mac 'n cheese made with Velveeta. But only get it when I'm home alone.  Regular cook says that it  by passes the rest of the system and goes directly into the arteries.

Senior Contributor

Re: explain how crafty

capitalism locks people into poverty --bet this locks your starter