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socialism the gradual path to communism

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Re: socialism the gradual path to communism

Of course there is no end to socialism for farmers, energy, car manufactures  or being able to deduct house payments from income tax.

Now tell people in Sweden, France, Germany or Canada how bad 'socialism is and there the 'socialist' payments go to help all people not just the well to do.

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except a false image isn't reality

If Sanders and Ocasio‐​Cortez really want to turn America into Sweden, what would that look like? For the United States, it would mean, for example:

1. More free trade

2. A more deregulated product market

3. No Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

4. The abolition of occupational licensing and minimum wage laws

5. The abolition of taxes on property, gifts, and inheritance

6. Even after the recent tax cut, America would still have to slightly reduce its corporate tax

7. America would need to reform Social Security from defined benefits to defined contributions and introduce private accounts

8. The US would also need to adopt a comprehensive school voucher system where private schools get the same per‐​pupil funding as public ones.

From a real Swede

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Re: except a false image isn't reality

That would mean collective farms are in our near future?