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Re: Neutralizing the elderly votes to allow entitlement reform

Well hotshot, How are you going to pay for your medical care at age 75?

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Neutralizing the elderly votes to allow entitlement reform

I know what you mean, shortly after my Mom got on Medicare she unfortunately broke her hip.  I want to say it was a $50,000 bill, Medicare picked up all of it but $2,000, Blue Cross picked up the $2K the funny part is she paid about $2,000/yr in Blue cross premiums.  In other words blue cross is pretty much in a no lose position.  Medicare for elderly can not be  extrapolated to the younger general population because Medicare customers have the luxury of many workers contributing for the payment of their care.  Kind of like a chili recipe, a ingredients in a small batch can not increased at the same ratio to make a big batch. If you really want to know the problem with health costs, it`s the fact that real wages did not go up at at a rate that healthcare did, you can thank free trade.  In the 50`s, there was no free trade and healthcare was affordable, you didn`t even really need insurance

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bruce MN

"you really didn't need insurance"

Alot of "yous" didn't, but millions of Greatest Generati0n folks who had worked for peanuts and hadn't built either savings or equity didn't have any way near the means to pay for the sort of medical care they were facing as elderly Americans, at any price. What that got us was a very, very popular bipartisanly hammered out and widely supported entitlement program that was called Medicare.