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some questions

first.....wheat down 5 on the board, on the sept kc wheat contract......reason given, chance of rain.....problem.....that wheat crop is

harvested, is in the will rain impact that crop or contract ??


second.......look at the CME website........they are FEATURING several's easy to get to them, others are not.

by this, are they not trying to impact the trade, and thus not a fair practice ????  if they are to be a market and open and free

to everyone, then whey do they have "FEATURES".........CFTC  wake up.........I consider it an unfair trade action


third......CME pivot point.........if this is such a wonderful thing, and makes things a level field.......why hasn't the agriculture community

told of it ???  or editors of a certain(s) agriculture publications.


This just in at the news central......we have a couple of high school kids that are also filing for governor.....might as well, all the

other bozo's running......but here in Kansas.........there are NO run for the governor of the state.....nothing....

BUT there is qualfications to KS you have to be 18* to vote.....these two are under that, but research of ks law says

what they are doing is legal, and yes they can be elected........i'll bet kobach is having a fit......he is so nuts on voter id, but

the governor doesn't need one !!!!!


ok......that should keep all of you busy pulling your hair out, or falling out of your chair laughing.

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Re: some questions

Open season on politics and positions after the reality tv star at the national level. Honestly with no experience no knowledge and a little money it's amazing what you can get away with. We (USA) have become the laughing stock of the world. Russia's main objective since forever ago. Who knows give one of the kids a shot, when they realize bread comes from wheat maybe they'll bring up the topic of the grower getting paid to continue the process.
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Re: some questions

Illinifarmer, your post belongs down in the cesspool. 

Your 8utthurt is showing again Illini

Find yourself a safespace with a coloring book and a stuffed animal.

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Re: some questions

ElCheAp - good post - are they on the Libertarian Ticket ?  BA  will be along soon &  I'm wondering if the ''' winning ""  or '' great  again '' has kicked in ?


Bottom lines  could  be soup lines ??   

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Re: some questions

What blackie? You want some company?
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Re: some questions

It is the democratic party the world is laughing at.

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Re: some questions

No, it's the world laughing at America