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some serious trolling


The higher level where the troll war is being waged.


Big league back and forth here- former Tory MP Louise Mensch with at least tangential links to Steele vs. Wikileaks (No, YOU are going to prison for trafficking in stolen material!!!! and Lock Her Up!!!).


Just tryin' to help you Putinheads up your games.


BTW, Louise is like Steele in that she has an uncanny ability to turn out to be right even after getting hit with a load of counter-propaganda and deemed a conspiracy theorist.


I've always been intrigued by her theory that Putin had Andy Breitbart killed so he could get Bannon in place at Breitbart and have a back door into the brains of The Base.

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Litvinenko and the Moscow Apartment Bombings


Polonium 215 a clear signature to warn anyone off who was even thinking about going near the case that Putin used to seize power.