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some things are funnier than others

This was on Drudge today.  It's from Alex Jones.  I think he's the guy that got banned on twitter and facebook.  I've heard his name but this is the first article I've run across that he wrote, or I think he wrote.

It's about the Australian government spending $320,000 to have Al Gore give a "free" education to between 800 and 1000 people to be educators and take action with climate solutions.    I like the "free" part after they spend $320,000.  It's too often that any government taxes one group and gives it to another group while telling them it's free.  

Reading Mr. Jones comments elicits a comment from me, tell us what you really think. :-)

Oh, and it snowing in Queensland, which I gather is rather unusual, kind of like God pranking  Al Gore and Australian government.



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Re: some things are funnier than others

The Indian Warren says man made global warming is a bigger threat than WW2 was. Maybe now that she has brought that to light we can all be saved.