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something to keep in mind about healthcare

So far the proposed ACA replacements run from sad to hilarious- sort of like the congress as a whole. Something to think about.


A friend of mine rents half of his office building to a collection company and it is a busy place. He says it is mostly medical although rather than the $30-40K bankruptcies they're likely to be half or less of that. The ACA just backstops the losses for the providers and creditors in general.


Something like 50% of US households can't come up with a thousand bucks for any emergency so really, any significant deductibles and co-pays aren't practical.


This is never going to happen- dems aren't realistic about the cost of care and republicans believe in The Market!!!!! (and bitterly against Communism!!!!)  in something that isn't a free market good. But anyway, it does argue for a base single payer system that trades off the worst cost/benefit treatments and medications for better, cheaper access to basic and preventative care (contraception is a definite cost saver, btw). This would, btw, save lives but doesn't mean there wouldn't be sad stories.


Something like a medicare supplement can then be purchased by individuals or employers to insure access to more expensive procedures.


Although if you protect pre-existing conditions as Trumpsky promises, the total cost is not going to be much less than your ACA policy*.


*in the functioning exchanges. Trumpsky will be able to claim a huge victory by pointing to the broken exchanges just like he can claim that his was bigger.



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Re: something to keep in mind about healthcare

Pretty much the truth in a nutshell. The industry dictates the charges and they aren't cheap and won't be cheap. When the goal is to make a profit and pretty much the entire population minus young and healthy adults are your clients, it costs dearly. The repealers are going to find out the true meaning of what they have wanted and they aren't going to like it. Maybe the Republicans will be able to save them $50 a month or something on premiums and call it a great victory for mankind.

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Re: something to keep in mind about healthcare

So what are we to do with pre-existing people ?
Kill them ??
With trump attitude he would

Funny, everyone looks down their nose on
Pre-existing people...but when they get sick
They are using the system but it's ok...god
Favors them

Re: something to keep in mind about healthcare

Well, people with certain high cost pre-existing conditions who are unable to afford a supplement would get Death Paneled or at least resigned to a miserable existence- but you have to realize- these aren't The Good People who Sarah Palin was concerned for. They are cockroaches and parasites upon The Righteous.


Second comes the question of how pre-existings are treated in the supplemental market. Premier Trumpsky says they'll be covered so I guess they will- but if they are it isn't cheap for anybody.


As far as pre-exisitng conditions go, fwiw, I know any number of people who are sure that most pre-existing conditions are the product of the poor habits of their inferiors and Good People should not be required to pay.


There's some of that, I'm sure also luck and genes more than anything. My position also is that given that I've made my living off the "industry" that pedals crap food and has contributed to the obesity and diabetes epidemic I really ought to *****.



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Re: something to keep in mind about healthcare

keeper you are in large right.  yes, there are some things where there could be some cost savings, such as the "screening" items

be made in large that is a $3000 or more "expennse".  The bottom line is, we have some of the most advanced

healthcare in the world, and that advancement is expensive. In this country, just about every county has at least a CT machine,

some small countries you can count them on your fingers and toes, let alone a MRI or PET.

these expenses will continue to rise.  Some think medicne is like a machine, the more trinkets you can push thru the hole,

the cheaper it is comming out the other end....that is wrong...yes, if you do alot of scans, your cost can go down, but also

your maintainance cost might go up a have to replace the xray tubes one in a while.

as far as pre-existing conditions, most people at some point in time, will be classified as that.....when you get cancer,

arthritis, or other cronic conditions.  the idea of some of this is the person fult, can be true to a certain if that

is true, are we going to stop covering for the treatment of drug abuse and alcholism......and take away the insulin from

the diabetics ?

tweetybird says he is going to make the drug companies come down in price.......i really can't see how, unless we

have a single payer system, which i don't think is the key either.

the issue that is causing all the excitement is 10 to 20 of the "insured", the non-group people.  We keep talking about

how the pre-exisiting condtion people are the problem, but here is the point....many of those in the employment

insurance, have pre-exisiting conditions.....yet we see the premiums somewhat stable........

i guess in a purist view, one could say we already have a "group", of 10 to 20% who are buying their own insurance.

you would think, that such a group would be a "good" pool, since that is a pretty good number....but that could be the problem,

that they are being written on an indivual basis, rather than a group basis.

what many do not understand, the best deals usually will be with a mutual insurance company, since the policy holders are

the stock holders, and the money made goes to the policy holders, in the form of lower rates....that is the disadvantage that

the big one's such as atena/humana, and others, will run into, their cost structures, and requirement to have returns.

even the congress people have coverage which is not required to make money, correct me if i'm wrong, but don't they

have tricare ?


this whole issue takes cool heads, intelligent people, and a sprit of "gettiing along", not to see how fast we can push something



i read somewhere, a fellow said 5 years ago, his insurance was $500 a month........given a stright 10% cost raise,

which isn't that bad, for such a high tech, high wage system,  that would put you at $805 a we need

to factor in an age adjustment, yes the factors are the older we get the higher the rate, which i'm told is approx 4%

per year, at the end of 5 years you would be looking at $962..........

none is due to obama, the little green men from mars, or's just the nature of the creature.

i've listened to some goofy things, like older people have coverage for childbirth......the answer to this.....yes they do !!!

if a 60 year old lady came in crowning, she is going to get care, and not going to pay for it, if she has insurance.....yes

it would be somewhat of a mircle, but possible, and thusly covered.


another thing is that cost is different in different cost tend to be cheaper in the midwest than the coasts....

that's a factor that some have not considered, a regional factor. 


and true, some places are just weird.....i'm going to pick on mn for a minute...they have one of the best medical centers of

the nation, mayo's......but i look at their insurance structure.....i don't understand it, the companys up there only cover things

in so many counties......they may only sell insurance in 10 or 20 me, i dont understand that.