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sorry to hijack one of Bruce MN's link about Gov. Mark Dayton , but

It is worth reading again. Talk about a government leader that"talks the right talk" to me. And he was elected by the libs in a liberal state as bad as Californicateia. What a simple idea of returning  "customer service" to the citizens of Minn from their own government. He has all sorts of ideas of undoing anything else which makes government nearly impossible to understand, operate or support.

Yeah buddy! Think about what he is saying---not demo or repub slanted, but everyone in that state. He calls it the "Uncession agenda" for 2014 state legislature.

Now, I know Mr Dayton is a demo, but, geeeze, who could not support returning customer service to government. Wouldn't it be great if we had a president that talked and worked towards such bold steps of reducing government and making it more "customer service"????

Yeah baby!

Thanks to Bruce MN for putting up that link in the first place.

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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: sorry to hijack one of Bruce MN's link about Gov. Mark Dayton , but

You might want to do a littlle more research on Governor Goofy before you heap any acolades on him. The dude is basically inchoherent when it comes to speaking, and people that have been in a room with him first hand tell me that he is only able to focus on one subject and thoughtline at a time...if someone mentions something slightly different than the prepared topic, the guy is lost in space.


He was elected in a three way race, with just over a  third of the votes , running against two conservatives that split the vote. He signs bills, such as expanded sales taxes on farm repairs and other business services such as warehousing, and later says he did not know wtf he was signing, which I do not doubt.


The guy lives alone or with two German Shepards, depending on the source, and signed Gay marriage into law in Minnesota, making us the laughing stock of the area.


Our current estate and gift tax rates have wealthy people fleeing the state to reside elsewhere if they are near the age of contemplating death.


You love to write off your $500,000 of farm equipment (who doesn't?) and save taxes...well in MN you don't get get to pay taxes up front and wait for the writeoffs over the next five its a six year writieoff, no section 179.


On and on....its a fools paradise.

Senior Contributor

Re: sorry to hijack one of Bruce MN's link about Gov. Mark Dayton , but

Should a known, cannot believe everything you read on the internet. Guess I was hoping he was a leader and wanted to simplify and provide customer service back into state government.

Glad you posted