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sound familiar


All the anti union troglodytes need not read this as it probably will instigate dispepsia. This is a little article about the importance of our car industry.  Small but just as important as yours.  I remember Obama being belted for doing the same but no one bothered to explain the reasons.   Enjoy

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Re: sound familiar

Read the link;

I think it is a GOOD idea to save manufacturing base, whenever possible.  Often, once it is gone, it is gone for good.

Maybe, when they get things all back together, they can design a Mad Max commemorative Falcon?  Ever since I saw a Mad Max rerun (too young to have seen it the first time), I thought that was a cool car, and wondered why I never saw one like it.  Wasn't until much later that I realized it is an Aussie car, and I've never been down under, so it was obvious why  I never saw one.



Where do you get football tickets for around $18????



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Re: sound familiar

The industry is very important to Australia and has been for some time.  Having said that, a lot of pollies come from Melbourne so it is in their interest to preserve some of their base.  It is subsidising their votes more than anything. 


Football tickets for that price are everywhere here if you want to watch AFL.  You can get them a lot dearer too.


Pack your bags brother and make the trip down under and experience walking upside down while I explain the finer points of cricket.

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Re: sound familiar

We had a foreign exchange student from Austrailia back when I was in school.  A really nice young lady from Perth.  I always siad if I were to visit another country (that wasn't Canada) it would be Austrailia, and I'd like to see the wide open spaces, rather than the city.  According to the exchange student, there still is a lot of that, over there.

Re: sound familiar

The US had a problem because of legal guarantees made to the GM and Chrysler pension funds. The muddle through actually cost less than an outright conventional bankruptcy would have.


Other than that, there is something like 100% excess capacity for car manufacturing worldwide and little prospect that total sales are going to rise much above the present level.


Australia certainly has the finacial resources to maintain a domestic car industry if it so chooses. It is really no skin off my nose one way or the other.