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speakin' of bein' butthurt

reminded from those Pashtun kids, who literally are.

Hard telling what forms of childhood trauma the craziest wingers may have suffered. Could just be like Laura Ingraham whose brother said their father was an abusive, alcoholic Nazi.*

But I don't think it is a stretch to assume that the looniest loons- the hardcore QAnon believers- are heavily populated by victims of or those closely adjacent to childhood sexual abuse. Foisting the QAnon psy-op on those vulnerable people is beyond cynical.

But they're now well fused into the mainstream of the movement.

Good job.

*I think that all it probably took for Manhattan Beach Nazi Stephen Miller was getting repeatedly stuffed into a locker in Jr. High.

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Re: speakin' of bein' butthurt

You spend to much time thinking about the ***** sphincter. 

The Iraq war boosters

I can’t for the life of me recall just who it was that said it but when the Feiths, Wolfensons, Tony Blair’s etc.

”Things are being run by the guys who got their nipples twisted in the hallways.”

So in line with what you say about the Himmler clone Miller, there has been a transition. For an active 48 months, and now 6 months of insane propaganda, it’s become the guys who were doing it.

With the rest of the regular folks standing by our lockers, helplessly feeling bad for everybody.

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Re: The Iraq war boosters

Were you standing by your locker before you burned the cities or after.

“Neos”. BA doesn’t like them now