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speaking of Ka-Raisy

Chelly B. and some of her Cristian Zio buds pop up in Saudi Arabia to pray for the Prince and get this end times thing back on track.


Worth noting there was a whole bunch of crazy going on in the GOP for quite some time but the RINOs thought they could keep those tigers tame.


As it turns out a WWE carney united the crazies and ran the RINOs tight out of their own circus.


BTW, I don't think that that half of the former GOP and 20% of the body politic at large is ever coming back into the reality zone again. They're gone.


They also cannot make a governing coalition on their own.

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Re: speaking of Ka-Raisy

Heard mentioned yesterday somewhere that the conditions on the ground don’t fit well into our system. Parliamentary better suited.

Re: speaking of Ka-Raisy

That'd be fun.


Mash together a coalition of the Q Anons, Gamergate Men's Rights Rape Party etc.


Well, sort of what the Trump Party is.


The next phase comes as the other half of the former GOP recognizes the disaster they've opportunistically chained themselves to.*


I'm feeling pretty chipper right now thinking that some of those are already bolting- or at least their wives and daughters.


*I assume there will always be a fair number of "who me a racist? Butt Gorsuch" types who will hold their noses.