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speaking of healthcare

In his testimony to Congress, Chairman Powell pointed out the fiscal burden associated with our healthcare system that spends 17% of GDP vs. near 10% for the rest of the developed world.


He did not add that all of those other countries have a single payer or hybrid system.


I suppose that would have been outside his purview.


GOP's got a plan to fix all that anyway.

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he also threw some cold water

on MMT, which is having its moment. Although I would have been shocked if he'd come down anywhere other than on the side of conventional fiscal economics.


I tend to agree but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't approve of borrowing a whole lot of money if it was used for long term needs- primarily infrastructure.


I think that in an ideal world the rest of the budget would be close to balanced on a cyclical basis.



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curious that

while he noted that our healthcare spending is wildly out of line in comparison with other advanced countries.


But he failed to mention the other item that is- defense spending.

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Randall Wray

but anyway, on the MMT thing.


Money doesn't grow on rich people and we don't need them to fund budget priorities. All it takes is a budget resolution.

But we need to tax them anyway as a matter of social policy.

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Re: speaking of healthcare

OF  COURSE   -  Mexico  GOing  to  Pe$o   for  it  also,   YOU  WAIT  AND  $e ,  and  you  must   remember  Mr.  FED's  Health  Care  Policy  being   paid   for -  I'll  give  you  2  guess's - ? 


It's  interesting  how  all  of  these  $$$$   magicians  ( EXPERT$ )  being  the  same  folks  that  pretend  from  moment  to  moment,  DEBT'$  good  -  then  a  week  later  are  saying  DEBT'$  aLL  BADLY -  -  -


A  notable  read  yesterday  said  the  Defense  Department  is  $pending  $48,000,000.oo  on  waLL levies  to  protect  radar  installations  in  ALASKA  due  to  ''' elevated  sea  level  ''''  - while  others  profess  (tweet)   it's  a  HOAX  -  ?


Which  IS  IT -  a  HOAX  to  $pend  on  SEA  waLL$  or  a  HOAX  the  water  is  rising - ?        

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Re: speaking of healthcare

Even though we don't know the PLAN, I would certainly prefer to go with something WITH a plan rather

than, we need to pass it to see what's in your false parroting spew isn't convincing me of anything NEW

from the left either.

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Re: speaking of healthcare

For instance could have done something to help the few million folks who make too much money to get a subsidy and were stuck in broken exchanges. 


But the GOP just wanted to squeeze those hostages harder so they could be the poster children of failure.


Still getting squeezed for the most part.

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Meadows and Jordan

are Exhibit A for the kind of Bozos who voted 50 times to repeal ACA but when they actually could didn't know whether to #### or go blind.

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Re: speaking of healthcare

I may have mentioned before about the neighbour lady married to a US veteran.

They spent summers here and winters in southern US except they came 'home' to Canada every so often because the US veteran needed to see a doctor or some medical procedure.


His health deteriorated more and they chose to stay in Canada for the winter so he would be closer to health care.

Sold their possessions in the US.


I guess her health coverage (all for no cost) and the care here must have suited him.

Thought maybe veterans might have had some care in your country but his choice obviously was to not use it.