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speaking of purging the military

of non-citizens, a painful but essential task awaits us when we recover the government- purging the military of those with ties to RW extremist groups.


It would make everything a mockery to not act against those who lied in their oath of allegiance to the Constitution.


It would get even tougher in making the determination as to who just needs to go and gets an honorable discharge-and keeps the attendant benefits- and who gets a general discharge, or worse, and does not.


Tricky, like one of the significant factors in how we lost the Iraq War by cutting Saddam's Baathist troops loose.


Or McVey and Nichols who had low ratings and were let go during the post-Cold War cuts.

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Re: speaking of purging the military

Given the risk of terrorist blowback that I pointed out, maybe just make sure that those in the enlisted ranks who are thus identified just don't advance or get desirable assignments,  assuming they aren't extreme security concerns.


While they might be angry they'd be less likely to go set up IED brigades.


But officers would need to go.

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Re: speaking of purging the military

Nut case you wouldn't be talking so stupid if you did some time in the military