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speaking of spies

the good guys in this case, I guess.


Trump furiously  twittered himself as far away from Manafort as he could get the day before the witness tampering was revealed. He got the heads up from somewhere.

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Mueller got the encrypted witness tampering messages because he didn't realize that they'd be backed up on the icloud, and since Paulie Slickpants is under criminal indictment, Mueller has legal access to all his electronics.


Tampered witnesses are named as D2 and D3 and apparently cooperating (which they would, since the goods are in hand).


Speculation is that previously named Person A is Konstantin Kaliminik, a Russian spy. Of course one man's spy is another's Hero of the Order of Lenin.


No idea how many there are between A and D3, or who.


Stay strong, Paulie, a pardon is coming.

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Re: speaking of spies

Outrageous twitter comments by your dear leader are always a sign that more bad news for him and his associates is about to hit the news.

Re: speaking of spies

Appears to work to positive effect on those who've already been indoctrinated into The Cult.