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speaking of women in politics

and the INCEL definition of "mean." Which is every woman in politics unless she happens to a a distressed fertile Old Testament damsel like Sarah P.

Interesting assertion by Begala that Dennison will dump Pence for Haley in a desperate attempt to get back those suburban women. 

Probably true that the portion (large majority) of evangelicals who are in are in, no matter what. But I'm not sure how much good Haley will do him there.

Hint: Nepotism Barbie and Ken are not political geniuses although they probably think they are. Just like they no doubt believe that since they were born ten feet shy of home plate  they are the greatest home run hitters ever.

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Esteemed Advisor

Re: speaking of women in politics


Trump isn't going to "dump" Pence or anything of the sort and will win in November handily against a ticket headed by a senile old fart that can't remember where he is most of the time.

And, if you are confident I am wrong, there are betting sites up where you can wager against the favorite and make some serious coin. Be bold, put it all down.

Go for it, man....Ain't Capitalism great? Double your capital or go broke.