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Re: special RW snowflakes

Would that include the likes of Dr. Ivar Giaever, Dr.Judith Curry, Dr. Richard Lindzen, or Richard Corbin to name a few on a rather long list? 

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Re: special RW snowflakes

"What do a Dead Atheist and a Live Christian have in common?"













They both believe in God. 

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Re: special RW snowflakes




In fact, one need look no farther than a lead witness at today’s hearing on Russian election hacking: Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. In June 2013, Clapper provided false testimony to Congress denying existence of a National Security Agency (NSA) secret, massive data collection program.

Sen.Ron Wyden (D-Oregon): “Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions of hundreds of millions of Americans?”

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper: “No sir.”

Re: special RW snowflakes

It's highly doubtful that very much if any of the concerns brought up about possible nuke use have anything to do with US v Russia conflict.


As so many of you do here so often, you saw the byline and what it was about and jumped with a response.


If you'd have read in only a little you would know where Perry's concerns lie.



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Re: special RW snowflakes

Did read it, well most of it, i was waiting for the part where america stacking missiles and troops on Russia's border was provocative like the missiles in cuba was for us, didnt get there.  





Re: special RW snowflakes

But tootheless high school dropouts at the corner bar have every right tonuclear weapons- just like guns.


Because they're Real Americans and now in charge.

Re: special RW snowflakes

But as pre another discussion, "experts" are the people who screwed everything up so massively.


Real wisdom lies in the "intuition" of the Good People.


there is another word for intuition. Actually several.