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Senior Advisor

sports and other pleasant diversions

are not a right.

They're among the rewards of a functioning society.

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Senior Advisor

Re: sports and other pleasant diversions

You don't get that with communism. You get only what the government mandates.

Senior Contributor

Re: sports and other pleasant diversions

Not a reward either, like a pat on the head for an obedient subject.  Just a product to buy or not. 

But we'd probably not agree on what is a right.

Veteran Advisor

Re: sports and other pleasant diversions

just speaking for myself, the whole pro sports schedules can be cancelled forever and I am not going to have my life altered much or shed many tears.

Probably would feel the same about college, too, and possibly even high school.

I do believe in physical fitness, and there are a myriad ways to get to that without organized sports, and probably at a lower cost and with more participation.



Re: sports and other pleasant diversions

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