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strange things do happen

Back in Iowa during the 1950 my wife and I attended highschool at Renwick Iowa. Ahead of us about 3 years was a student named Karen. She graduated and we graduated and she moved out an about and we spent most of our adult life in the renwick community.


WE retired and moved to Tulsa OK when Our children had moved to escape us. MOst of our grndhildren have grown to adulthood. Our youngest daughter has younger children 1that is  3 years old and another daughter 8. The eldest daughter plays youth basketball at on of the local churches at their extensive league for young kids.


We attend most of the games and my daughter was engaged in casual conversation with one of the parents aned learned that one of Sidney's team mates is the great granddaughter of Karen who graduated from Renwick high school some 60 years ago.


What are the odds of that happening that we moved 525 mile from our small town and our grandkids intersect so many years later?

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Re: strange things do happen


2,349,887: 1  exactly



Good thing you didnt move to Omaha, half the city contains Iowa immigrants

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Re: strange things do happen

 Itisalways fun to run into people we knew from years ago. We went to Colorado for a vacation two years ago. While there I ran into a classmate from highschool. Always wondered where he ended up. Doing well with a great family.

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Re: strange things do happen

My wife and I live in ECIN. Last year we took a trip to the Grand Canyon. While there we met a couple from IA. The husband used to drive a truck for John Deere delivering tractors to dealers in our area. He is probably the guy that delivered the 3020 that I now own to our local dealer .

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Re: strange things do happen

I met a guy in Berlin in '68 who lived 13 miles from me in So. IL!