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swamp drainin'

when you look at the unprecedented number of lobbyists and corporate executives in the Dennion cabinet and high level positions, it is corruption, but there's more to it than that.

The only people who will work for him are mercenaries- on a totally transactional basis- and a smattering of ideological whackjobs like Bets and Ben.


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apparently filled the executive with professional traitors to the constitution.    I see why you prefer them.

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Re: swamp drainin'

You need to ask yourself who was the FBI trying to protect with their ILLEGAL FISA warrants.

Re: Obama

Ya’ know there is a certain and somewhat widely held point of logic that holds the notion that the way this cycle seems to be headed it may have all been for the best that ‘16 turned out as it did. Avoided another prolonged session of neoliberalism, and all that comes with that.

Nothing so spectacular, with the notable exception of the human losses that have come with detainment policies and actions, that aren’t readily reparable. Courts might take a little work.