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Re: taken together, police state

Sure, really nothing new there with the exception of reminding people about the imminent nature of the newest piece of the putsch against the constitution. Really just a cleanup job, it is mostly done.


I assume that any number of things that have been posted over the years, here, has been reviewed and filed away by someone with nice government benefits doing important work for one of the 28 entities involved in domestic intelligence.


And I suppose that johnaa, in particular, and probably me as well, could be arrested for a hate crime because criticism of Israel is classified as such.


I'd throw out the following possibility about the current crackdown- possibly preparation for the economic turmoil that would follow a US/Israel strike on Iran.

Re: taken together, police state

I'd just read about Sen. Levin and <cCain's hatching this up behind closed doors with no committee hearings or open porcesses.


I've been loath to recommend it, knowing full well that the gang here isn't much into modern cultrual products and being told by my wife form time to time that there "isn't ALWAYD a book or a movie that is EXACTlY like something you run acrossin real life", but I've gotta say....


The Movie (and, apparantly the comic books...I've not seen them)  V for Vendetta. Movie was made just a few years back. Part fantasy, part history...all critical comment.


Netflix, video store, live gets run now and then on the cable movie networks. Somenoe told me more frequently lately. That's a good thing.

Re: taken together, police state

I'd like to see what percentage of terror related arrests made are actually organic, you have to assume that about any group with the slightest anti government leanings has been infiltrated. Of course the theory is there that the okc bombing was an FBI sting gone wrong. They'll need more cell space though if the FBI gets to frame you and the military gets to lock you away forever with no trial.

Re: taken together, police state

Don't forget the camps, a few hundred thousand spots for campers there. Which began almost ten years ago so if you connect the dots this is just the continued execution of a plan that has been in place for some time. And tht would not be a small plan.


I'm trying to think of a serious and credible domestic terror event post 9/11. The Ft. Hood shooter although none of this has anything to do with how you'd proceed to anticipate the actions of a lone wolf. Same, I guess for the the undibomber and times square.


I certainly have no problem with trying and executing citizens found guilty of treason. Given the tiny number of real acts of that description, I have to believe that there is something a whole, whole lot bigger in the works.







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Re: taken together, police state

I am convinced that Obama is conspiring with Pelosi and Reid to set up internment camps and then use the new secret service/police to take all guns away from everyone through midnight raids and then round up all the card carrying repubs and anyone else who is not toeing the line and throw them into the camps for re-indoctrination into the ways of the Project for a new Democrat American century.  I mean, bachman stated almost as much during the census.

Re: taken together, police state

  The plans have been on the table for some time, the biggest obstacle is a "Piece of Paper" the Constitution of the United States of America.  They have made great inroads into removing that little obstruction by systematical conditioning the Sheeple to excepting a series of actions and laws transcending the "piece of paper" with large flocks of bleating and squawking parrots and other fools blinded by taking part in the blame game.   It appears the plans began before The PFNC and the other documents written by Dickey Perle and Dougy Feith, executed with the aid of another Dickey and his Block Head and a 5th column within our government, with stand out as public testament to their faith in the degree of the American Peoples brainwashing and reluctance to read and think for themselves.   Follow the trail back to the Nixon and Ford administration when dickey  was Chief of WH Staff then Sec.of Defense during HW's misadministration to the biggest military contractor, who built those internment camps on to controlling the government during Shrubs 8 years. 


   When people talk about how the world may have been a better place if Hitler had died before he did the devils work, well maybe someone should have to invited him Quail hunting.  But I doubt these traitors can be defeated that easily.

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Re: taken together, police state

The precedence was set with the Japanese internment camps during WW2.