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tariffs vs environment and health

it's a common practice to tax things that the government and certain groups find objectionable, cigarettes, alcohol, gas guzzling cars, fertilizer, etc.  The general public doesn't normally seem to care enough to say anything or boot out the people that have taxed THEM, the general public, on these items.


Tariffs are another tax that is addressing a toxic influx of foreign goods that harm Americans.  The goods coming from China are undercutting the American economy for workers and placing the country in the debt of a foreign power.  Something that had the blessing of previous administrations.


I can't understand the complaints about consumers having to pay a higher price, which is nothing more than another tax on items the government has determined to be harmful to Americans.  You who have applauded taxing my fertilizer, my gasoline, my health care, and a multitude of things now seem upset with this tax. 


This tax is one that you can avoid by simply buying products not made in China unlike so many taxes that attack your very existence and business.

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Re: tariffs vs environment and health

until the ASF is cleared up the US should stop all imports from China post-haste. 


Of course Daddy couldn't get his campaign materials then ......