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tariffs wipe out tax savings?????????????

From a yahoo article.  

I haven't seen any price increase in anything that we need and buy.  Fuel has risen some but that isn't affected by tariffs.  

The article is all over the place.  One place it says "could pay nearly $4,000 more" and another "will effectively be paying about $3,000 more" and "cost the average household about $831".  So could, effectively, which or is it $831, and is that a real number considering I've not found anybody complaining about anything rising in price.  

So far it seems farmers have been hit hardest and that's got some debate as there is surplus grains all over the world.

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Re: tariffs wipe out tax savings?????????????

The other 6 days of the week, Libs are perfectly happy "raising taxes", but when it hits the "My 600lb Life" crowd then they scream bloody murder!  I wonder if headlines in China where there`s food inflation and shortages, President Xi is taken to task for his 25% tariff on US beans and 62% tariff on US pork?  If any Chinese journalist exposed that they`d be hanging by their thumbs in some dungeon. 


Libs like taxes and social engineering, well now we`re gonna "tax/tariff" to social engineer this country away from the disease of globalism...that`s what I voted for.   The 600lb Life crowd doesn`t neeeed the Chinese made crap at Walmart and Harbor Freight Tools anymore than I neeeeed my Chinese made AK-47 and 500 round mag. 

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Re: tariffs wipe out tax savings?????????????

Funny how man made global warming suddenly takes a back seat. Guess it isn't the threat progressives make it out to be.


Re: tariffs wipe out tax savings?????????????

I read the same article.  There is no doubt the effects of trumps power play must eventually affect everyone.  It is already affecting the national debt with the approximately $16 billion he borrowed to compensate farmer because of the drop in prices.  Back that up with another $16 billion for emergency relief after the floods and it is gathering momentum as a free ride. 

I know it would be sinful to criticise his policies but to deny it would be worse. But we are allowed to believe what we want in America. 

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Re: tariffs wipe out tax savings?????????????

The fiscal responsible progressives in the house are about to take control of the budget and set us on a path the fiscal responsibility................if they can get off the impeachment investigations. Maybe they will start by cutting off fund for planned parent hood who love to use tax dollars to destroy human life.