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Re: thanks SD

we pay sales on every thing from food, clothing, farm auction, ag parts, labor repair work , 


autioned or used farm equipment carrys a 4% sales tax

food can carry as much as 8 % sales depend what local tax rates .  this hits our low wage earners who can least afford it . 

Its the wealthy who gain with our regressive tax system.  like our govt welfare farmers.


I guess you think its great after all our state budgets  where over 40% is supported thru federal govt aid,  you as a govt farmer knows well how that works.     With your crops under a foot of water as you stated  what percentage of your income will come from taxpayers?


The continued federal aid makes SD a welfare state

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Re: thanks SD

What grounds are they really going to impeach Obama with? I heard it was his "over use" of executive orders. That is a real joke since he has used less than any president since at least Bush 1.
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Obama is guilty


Of being Black while presidenting.


Thats all this is, but the good news is the voters are catching on  🙂