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Re: that nice old man the cops abused

By Q1 ‘20, growth and corporate profits had already stalled.

But Powell had caved to the Prez and given him the stock market he needed for the election.

It was a pretty excellent example of the truth that the Fed really can’t do much for Main Street.

People are now being smacked in the face with that reality.

”Capitalism” is just one of the institutions at risk of destruction by this cabal.

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Re: that nice old man the cops abused

@jennys_mn wrote:

Yeah - that’s why the guy is still in the hospital.   The only one that believes the crap you guys bring here - IS YOUR CULT FOLLOWERS.   

The credibility of you cult is zero.  Save yourself - and me - some time, and quit putting out this crap.  Do you really think putting out this stuff is aging to garner votes for the lying president and his hand picked administration of miscreants?

Trump will lose this fall.  You guys are just helping that process along.


The video I posted the link to was before the guy got injured, but it was him.