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the Democratic candidates are a funny group

One wants President Trump to give his money away.

One who has lied for years about their race has ad's proclaiming that they're the most honest.

One who admits to having a life of being bent over wants to stand toe to toe.

Another wants to transform America and uses places such as the old USSR or Venezuela as a model

Another wants to get AR15's out of the schools, if only they had, had guns in schools.

Another wants to give drug users, bums, and anybody breathing over 18 $12,000 a year or put another way he wants to add 2 trillion more a year to our debt.

And another's claim to leadership is from limiting how much pop/soda/Coke you can buy.

And another brags about growing up poor without exposure to the more sophisticated aspects of life and politics or international politics. 

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Re: the Democratic candidates are a funny group

No real difference in them. They all want to take your guns, flood the market with as much cheap ILLEGAL labor as can possibly cross our borders, take away your health care, take away your beef, take your energy, and force you to accept boys in the girl's showers and on their sports teams. Oh yeah, almost forgot, they want to force there fake science flat earth society into your homes and schools. Plus give the vote to non citizens. And if that weren't enough, Bernie's campaign workers promise a lot of radical violence after the election to get all of their programs into practice. Gulags and re-education camps.