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Senior Advisor

the Justice Dept. sues Roger Stone ....

... for using a shell company to dodge $2 million in taxes.  Remember Stone, that guy who was convicted of lying about being the go-between between the trump campaign and the Russians and then pardoned by trump because he won't talk.

Yeah, I know, Russia, Russia, Russia, but once a crook, always a crook.

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Esteemed Advisor

Re: the Justice Dept. sues Roger Stone ....

maybe the politicians need to clean up the tax code so that people know what actually is owed. If joebiden doesnt have to pay taxes on his offshore chinese holdings, why go after Roger Stone for simple accidental adding errors?

hunter probably has plenty of legitimate business expenses to offset his millions in chinese and ukrainian graft...after all it takes real money to pay for the hookers, strippers, and drugs.

Senior Contributor

Re: the Justice Dept. sues Roger Stone ....

Doj knew epstein and Maxwell were raping 12 year old girls in 2016, did nothing.