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the Rope a Dope

remember when the boxer formerly known as Cassius Clay beat George Foreman using what he called the rope a dope strategy? I have read a little about that fight, with allegations from the flu for Foreman to some type of substance being on his opponents gloves, like in that MASH movie.


With this latest Roger Stone arrest, I am reminded of how a skilled adversary will deflect and re-direct blows that would normally be game changing. Case in point is the Russia Russia Russia collusion witch hunt, where instead of focusing in on the one party known to be lying , crooked, and opposed to open and honest disclosure.....namely Mrs. Clinton.....the focus shifted to investigating the party trying to let the American public know about the lying, crooked, dishonest woman.


Seems to be partially successful, too.



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completely successful

They've used the power of law enforcement (illegally) to kneecap a legitimately elected government.  None of their crimes will be pursued in the least.  I don't know how they could be more successful.

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Re: the Rope a Dope

I  didn't  know  so  much  boxing  is  going  on  in  politics   -  -  -


Is   glove  residue  the  cause  of  the  statements  like ,   4000  - wuups   I  mean ,   check  that  6  -  -  -

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Re: the Rope a Dope

right !


so O and Hil directed Bannon( Trump Campaign) to contact Stone to contact Wikileaks to release the stolen emails.


oh, and Nixon was innocent as well.


so Sad to see and hear the revisionist history and machinations you guys will do for daddy Trump.


maybe you can refute it all with one of your Townhall Opinion pieces that you put up as fact......



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Re: completely successful

WHO  EVER   NEW  -  '' LOCK  HER  UP ''',  chant  could  be  such  a   GLARING  EXAMPLE   -   -   -


ex  Cyprus  Bank  vice - chairman   Wilbur  says   '''  let  them  eat  cake '''  -  interesting -   -   -