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the Thanks Obama! farm depression

upon us with NFI projected at the lowest level since 2005.


Really aren't too many classes of the citizenry who've been better treated by gubmint since the mid-90s- got NAFTA and China WTO that we wanted, the Clinton doubledown bailout in '99, a massive mandated biofuels program.


Recently even had the huge win of massive tax cuts for our wealthiest competitors and their heirs into perpetuity.


Nevertheless the winnowing of the farm remnant under neoliberalism continues apace.


And actually the truth is that half will tell you in private that bad times aren't such a bad deal because it will take out some competition and create opportunity for them.


BTW, I do hear anecdotally that there are more than a few folks around for whom this is a pivotal year for their survival. One in particular I'd assume is a Trump supporter given his evangelical leanings but I guess that nobody individually elected Trump.