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Senior Advisor

the age thing

I do think it is a problem.

While the other 20 some Democratic candidates could undoubtedly get a briefing from NWS and manage to understand that Alabama was not in play, Biden could probably gaffe his way into that even if he knew otherwise. Which I think would be a problem as he hits his 80s in office.

Both Bushes were communication challenged but it was just something weird in their brain wiring. George I appeared to retain decent cognitive function into his 90s.

A woman is probably a slightly better bet, all things being equal.

Maybe I've stumbled onto the solution for the GOP. Find Trump out wandering around the grounds in his underwear with a 3 iron some morning.  Then run Pence against whatever old duffer the D's throw in.

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Senior Advisor

Re: the age thing

More than a few aging gangsters have managed to run out the clock on justice by having or pretending to have dementia.

That might be a solution for Trump's legal problems if he leaves office.

Senior Advisor

Re: the age thing

Bush I was a deep state operative, more of a caretaker/custodian POTUS than anything original.

Bush II was not quite right, I believe it had something to do with high cocaine/alcohol use early on and then recovery. Left his brain permanently addled.

Biden has always been at the bottom of his class in whatever endeavor he undertook, but in politics there are enough followers to elect guys like that. The bit about ( his dead wife, kid, and subway to work) worked until finally it doesn't anymore. 

Both Bushes fooled me once, but not twice.....Biden was always a non starter for me.....the man is just dumb. But there are a lot of dumb people in the USA that need representation, too.

Trump should have acted like Biden was his worse fear as a Trump Biden matchup highlights Trump's mental acuity (evil genius?) over Biden's senility, and I really would love to watch the debates. Trump/Sanders will be OK too, but not as fun as the moderators are all going to go with the Bern. Trump/Warren is one I don't want to watch and the most likely scenario. 

There is virtually nothing that Elizabeth Warren won't do or say to get elected, and her past position shifting bears this out. She has had a taste of power, and wants more.

Senior Advisor

Re: the age thing

I do have some considerable concerns about Biden, particularly given his already gaffe prone nature.

But I'm pretty certain that Trump is going to become an even bigger problem for the GOP as the year drags on- whether it is age related cognitive loss or just the manifestation of his pathological personality as he gets frustrated that so many of his people don't appreciate all that he's done for them.

bruce MN

Old guys one thing..then there’s...