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Senior Contributor

the cure for obamanomics

as can be clearly seen the obamoites and dumocrats have failed terribly in economics so i have come up with a few sure fire cures as opposed to their idea of taxing everyone who works and give it to people who dont  1 anyone caught getting ssi disablility illegally would be stripped of all gov benefits for life or until all is paid back ---if you catch the same lawyer or doctor  3 times helping to get someone on illegally they lose their licenses for life--  2  anyone drawing welfare has to agree to name the babies father and agree to be neutered or lose all benefits ---the father will be sent on a trip of his choice of iraq or the sudan ---3   if a gov worker is caught getting money illegally they lose all rights to gov jobs for life and will be on the same plane as the welfare breeders 4    if a farmer wants to not work he has 6 months to lease his farm to a young person or lose all gov benefits for life instead of crap programs 5-- NO gov worker will be paid more thane the state avg where he lives --most of them arent worth half anyway 6     anyone caught raiding a pension plan or ssi like the gov will be thrown out of office that day and get the same trip as the breeders  7  any one drawing unemployment and refuseing to work will lose all benefits for life,,, we average one a week at our co.--any or all of these ideas will work ---now libs try and defend your obamo----we have to STOP tax and waste dumocrats now