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the deep state


There's some interesting stuff at the site.


There is one, for sure, but the notion that it was initially out to get Trump is about 90% false. That was just the story to deflect from the fact that Amateur Hour jammed itself up doing some pretty stupid stuff during the campaign. But fortunately for them the sort of folks who show up to holler and chant at Trump Nuremberg rallies are pretty easy targets.


And of course never mind that our current POTUS would love a huge and all intrusive Deep State if he had all the levers.


The Deep State is a fact, but it is actually fairly constitutionally minded- or as much as it can be. For example it remained loyal through both the catastrophic thrashings about of the GWB years and the inconsistent and sometimes hypocritical restraint of the Obama Admin.


BTW, Trump promised to get to the bottom of this JFK thing but then did a very modified release of some heavily redacted documents and then "hey, we'll get back to y'all." Not that any serious person takes seriously anything that he says or does.


But the JFK thing seems to be fairly well established at this point. The Bay of Pigs was strike one but then the questions of his personal reliability as an ally in the Cold War on account of his lifestyle and back channel contacts with Kruschev pushed them to action, and before the fact they'd extracted promises of fealty* from LBJ.


As Trump gets crazier and his reliability and stability comes more into question I think the same applies although I doubt they have any need to kill him- there's a ton of stuff to take him out with.

And in the mind of Pence that would just be the Hand of God he's been patiently awaiting.


But point being, "they" would have been glad to go along with the constituionally elected POTUS if he wasn't dirty and compromised- actually they would anyway- but crazy won't do.


*Oliver Stone focused on Vietnam, which indeed was big, and personal to him. But the question of where JFK was on that has never been entirely clear. What is clear is that after his death the US immediately ended efforts to inspect the Israeli nuclear site at Dimona and ended a ban on selling them weapons- in fact it began giving them vast amounts, which continues to this day.


My guess is that our intelligence community saw the large and well placed Jewish community in the Soviet Union as our ace in the hole and it probably was- likely had a key role in "the collapse" of the SU. But of course as it goes with Pollard, the USS Liberty etc. they only play when it is to their ultimate benefit and will knife you in the back just as quick if their interests lie elsewhere.

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small coups

along the way, like in 2006 when the Intel community decided it didn't need a third war based on phony intelligence and presented a united front against the Cheney/Bolton et al Fake News.


Although that now resides in the RWNJ Memory Hole.


Re: the deep state

In the prequel there was the Night of The Long Knives.

Maybe that is what the Q and alt directed dog whistle the other day was about.
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Cognitive dissonance

but anyhow.


remember when you hung on JK's every word?



Little is known about what is going on inside the Mueller commission. But if, as it appears, the Special Counsel is still stalking Russian Facebook trolls and ignoring the slime-trail of huggermugger left behind by Hillary & Company, then we are seeing one of the most fantastic failures of law enforcement in history. Still, there’s a possibility — low-percentage in my view — that Mr. Mueller might disclose a raft of charges against the Clinton gang and her errand boys.

The trouble is that such charges may lead to the some of the highest former officials in the land, including former CIA director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and perhaps even the sacred former President Obama. Even Mr. Mueller himself is suspect in the 2009 Uranium One deal that conveyed over $150-million dollars from Russian banks into the Clinton Foundation coffers.



Re: Cognitive dissonance

if Mueller would get the goods on former POTUS Bucky, SOS Mrs. BJ, Brennan, etal. and also took down Trump, I would say it would be a decent tradeoff.


I like Trump compared to Mrs. BJ......that doesn't mean I like the guy.


Been enjoying your love affair with Jim

Read the books and followed CFNation long before you knew who he was.  May have actually introduced you to him.


Nothing has changed.  He long ago identified the inherent horrors of neoliberalism Simple as that.  He obviously has come to the conclusion that only Democrats or leftists could stop, or have stopped it’s ascent.  He’s going to rip anybody who isn’t undertaking that task. Sees Trumpism as punishment for them not.  Hard to argue with that, actually.


It it would most likely be safe to assume that if he’s have gone to vote and was faced with a ranked choice ballot he’d have gone 1. Bernie 2. Trump and stopped.  Anybody who is derisive of the Clinton’s is still OK in my book.  But I do insist that it be for the right, big picture reasons.

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Re: the deep state

You guys keep telling us to get over the election. Why don’t you get over the fact that Hillsry has been investigated from hell and back and not one charge even from your boys!!
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Re: the deep state

Add to that no scandals, no indictments, and no convictions of any of the Obama administration! Trumps administration looks like a total train wreck, well oiled machine?? Surely you jest!! It's a complete disaster!!

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Re: the deep state

schnur, everyones life insurance policy has been examined, there is a long list of those who crossed the Hillary who are now pushing daises.

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Re: Been enjoying your love affair with Jim

Thank you for leading me to something that would be such a thorn in your side.


I hardly think though that its just neoliberalism that he is criticising.    Pretty much part and parcel of everything you stand for.   All of the cultural marxism, all of the russia hysteria,   the deep state coup. 


Makes for great fun for me.