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the end of Christianity

as two phenomena align simultaneously.


First, more revelations of systematic abettal and cover ups of child sexual abuse in the Catholic church- this time in PA but the story has been the same in every state and country where the outfit operates and authorities have had the courage to investigate.


Concurrently, a massive electoral intrigue will soon have resulted in successfully packing the SCOTUS with phony members of that cult who are, nevertheless, deeply committed to defending a fading social and economic hierarchy.


Many more church buildings to be turned into brewpubs and pot dispensaries over the next couple of decades.



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Jay Sekulow and other "religious freedom activists" are succeeding in blowing up the mainstream Protestant denominations by provoking internal strife over gay issues, among others.


The real purpose behind all of that is that those denominations have been officially critical of Israel's treatment of the Palestinians and supported BDS.


That's also one of the larger purposes behind the RW hostility toward our traditional allies, who the rest of the world tend to not vote in the UN in accord with the US and Israel.


All three branches of Abrahamic faiths have been thoroughly corrupted for political purposes.



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Re: meanwhile

It seems more and more, the religious aspect of the Repulsive party has taken a back seat, to getting rid of any media that isn't PRO TRUMP.


It's only a matter of time, if things keep going as they are, that Trump gets his real wish:



ALL HAIL TRUMP!!!!  ALL HAIL TRUMP!!!!  The greatest leader of all time (IN HIS OWN MIND!)
TICK TOCK......BONGx11!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: meanwhile

Well, Dennison does still enjoy the approval of some 80-90% of white, self described evangelical Christians.


Although Franklin Graham recently put them on notice that they'd forfeit their immortal souls if they engaged in the sin of gossiping about Stormy and Karen.


But anyway, the faux-Catholic Federalist Society scam just ####es me off to no end.