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Re: the generals

I agree with you that too large a military presence is unhealthy.  No doubt, these people are often highly skilled and have valuable knowledge, but that knowledge can be accessed by civilian leaders without relying directly on military or ex-military types.


Yes, we've had many military men as president, but they didn't then surround themselves with lots of their brothers-in-arms (or sisters-in-arms now) to function.


The civilian population without the draft is meekly going along with many policies that if mother's little Johnny or Sally had to fight would be hotly debated.  We're getting into a mercenary army.  The civilian population has been taught a good lesson for the sins of the Vietnam protesters who vented their frustrations on drafted soldiers rather than on the leadership.  The Vietnam vets will never forget the unwarranted abuse they took and now the entire country is paying for not asking enough questions of the military.


The military has figured out that using the reserve components extensively builds tremendous grass-roots support in the rural communities where the Guard and Reserve is strongest.


Get some competent civilians in charge, thank the generals and get them out of government, and get the people involved.  Bring back the draft?  How can you suggest that!  Smiley Happy

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