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Senior Advisor

the gerontocracy problem

Easily observed that while Dennison was never a stabel jenius even in his prime, his faculties are in steep decline. I have no way of knowing why but the only time he can string three words together intelligibly is when he's doing his Don Rickles schtick at his Nuremberg rallies.

Biden was never a silver tongued orator but seems even more halting and unsure of himself- as you might expect at 80.

Bernie is still sharp as a tack but he recently had a heart attack.

That leaves Warren- who appears quite spry- Buttegeig and Klobuchar.

Buttegieg is young and hands down the sharpest on the stump, but he and Klobuchar are aligning themselves as "could never pay for it and the darn republicans would never let us anyway " sort of Clinton Dems.

So I guess that leaves Warren, or somebody else to break free from the second tier.