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the greatest political gamble in US history has already failed

although many won't ever get the memo.

TX, FLA, AZ, CA and others getting out of control and it won't be stopped without stringent public health measures.

The gamble was to save the economy by opening up prematurely while simultaneously blaming everything on Democratic Governors, protests etc.

Although it isn't to say that there's not a Plan B,C, D etc.

Everybody tried to fit the limited and sometimes contradictory knowledge of a novel virus into their political paradigm. It is just a virus and doesn't care about that.

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It is just a virus

And viruses will do what viruses do.

The bottom line is this. The virus will do what a virus does. Our decisions dictate its magnitude, duration and impact. One mindset recognizes how biology works, how pandemics happen, and the modes of transmission. The other mindset is plays into the virus’ plan, denying the virus is a threat. Someone call Dunning and Kruger.

Willful ignorance of science is not an excuse. The world’s best experts have provided guidance, guidance that clearly snuffed infection rates back when it was carefully employed.

The virus is just being a virus. Can social responsibility and science win over recalcitrance and motivated apathy?

Don’t count on it.


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Re: It is just a virus

Dems riot people die.

Re: the greatest political gamble in US history has already failed

Red and his State Rep and 30 other geniuses tried to get our Governor impeached for being cautious.  

The criticism of him now has turned to modest rumblings over opening up too much too soon. 

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Re: the greatest political gamble in US history has already failed

MN has done a relatively good job- very good early on, then the packing clusters. 

But R now well below 1.

Doesn't appear to be much of a spike from the TC unrest and protests although undoubtedly numbers would be somewhat smaller.

Among harder hit states, MI looks the best. Although northern states may have to close the borders and airports to keep it from reentering from the S and W.

Although my guess is that it will remain relatively contained through the summer in non-AC dependent places.

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not even close


Presuming you mean Sumter

Reported that there were big fans of the traitors gathered on the hills overlooking the Fort watching the proceedings

No count given so couldn’t tell if it was more than 6200. Nor what the capacity of the hillside may have been.

Re: the greatest political gamble in US history has already failed

The party of Lincoln becomes the party of Jefferson Davis.

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Re: the greatest political gamble in US history has already failed

Democrats are destroying Lincoln monuments you moron Go burn a book


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Recall, Not Impeachment

Bruce, the petition was to have a recall vote, not an impeachment. And if you go to one of the petition sites where you could have signed, you find about half of the people posting are saying that they are liberals that feel Walz is incompetent.

Now I am sure that there is some fake news poll out there that says Walz is doing a stellar job, 60 percent approval rating.....yeah yeah yeah.

Let's get real....if any leader in modern history has been asleep at the switch, it is that yahoo.