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the least powerful president in history*

as the people who matter- the cabinet, military brass, congressional leaders conclude that Trump is not fit for office**, his low level of effectiveness is only going to decline further.


I expect further resignations- particularly after the first of the year- and probably at a rate approximately equal to how fast they can fill the majority of positions that currently remain unfilled.


*Millard Fillmore possibly excepted.


*leaving aside the question of why they ever would have thought that.

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Re: the least powerful president in history*

Have read repeatedly that there is a void of conservative up and comers who are willing to risk their career futures working for the administration.  No idea if that is ideological resistance or just some instinct kicking in.


Huck’s girl setting the bar.  She wants to grow up to be Anita Bryant or Phyliss Schafly.  Not sure her generation is going to create all that much demand.  Those two did best with women who wore hats and the men who kept them.


Have you heard anything of what sort of plum job Sean Spicer landed after transitioning out?

BA Deere
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Re: the least powerful president in history*

Yeah, that "deep state" that you were on your high horse so much a couple years ago ain`t so easy to drain, is it?   We got a commander in chief, ready willing and able to do it, but all Democrats love and trust the deep state swamp.   And now the curtain has opened, it`s revealed too many Republicans in name only, also love the deep state.  


The founders set up checks and balances, division of power (though Obama stretched it to the limit E.O`s) effect we are finding out that the deep state swamp is Constitutionally protected.

Re: the least powerful president in history*

You're going to find out how it all works out for you- the primary survivors are going to be the true believers- Miller, as Bruce said, Huck's girl etc.


Pompeo appears to be on a mission from his Old Testament God, there are others like that too.

BA Deere
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Re: the least powerful president in history*

We`re all finding out how the sausage is made, those that want to keep putting roadkill meat in the hotdogs (Dems & Rinos) are fighting for their sausage stuffer jobs.   President Trump and the brave Republicans that want a clean quality product coming out of the sausage factory are at risk from the "crooked nose" crowd  "It`d be a shame if your car blew`d be a shame if your house had a fire..."  Well only the brave and perhaps crazy would want the job of making kielbasas great again!   but if they run, they at least got my vote. 

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Re: the least powerful president in history*

So much for him being a nazi dictator.