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Senior Contributor

the left is completely nuts


It's this kind of stuff that shows the insanity of the left and the stupidity of their followers.  They pretend to have forgotten that the Democrats founded the KKK, the Democrats fought against civil rights, the Democrats were in favor of slavery and it was Republicans that freed the slaves.


It's the Democrats that still treat black Americans as chattel to be used each election cycle and then put back in their ghetto.

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bruce MN

Re: the left is completely nuts

How dumb do you think anybody is to not have an understanding of the polar shift in the parties? You insult even yourself with that meme.
Senior Advisor

Re: the left is completely nuts

There's been no shift. The repubs have always been for civil rights. Guys like Byrd got on board after the fact. Next time forgo the personal attack.

Veteran Advisor

Re: the left is completely nuts

You guys are living in a dream world. The Repub party that was instrumental in freeing the slaves--Lincoln--is LONG LONG DEAD!!!!